When foodstuffs are sealed in a vacuum, their shelf-life is increased three-fold, as they are protected from bacteria, and retain their quality over that time. Vacuum: a half-dozen letters that take us to a world of hygiene, freshness, savings, waste reduction, optimisation of purchases, and reduced work in the kitchen. Organoleptic characteristics are preserved as the food is not dehydrated. The flavours and the colours remain alive. Sometimes, to obtain optimal results for certain foods, it is necessary to remove air and add a mixture of gases - primarily nitrogen and carbon dioxide, but also oxygen, argon, or nitrous oxide - which help preserve the food, prevent crushing and / or retain its colouring.

Vacuum-packed foodstuffs do not lose their flavour, aroma, or colour and can, therefore, be stored in a refrigerator alongside each other. Those who work in cheese production know how their sublime aromas can sometimes be accompanied by less palatable flavours. And the guarantee? It is inherent in our name: Valko. We have always produced professional equipment for vacuum sealing: a wide range of packagers, heat sealers, and food product packing systems that can meet every need. Manual machines, semiautomatic and automatic machines, bench or trolley - even for packaging in modified atmospheres - that fully meet the needs of food-service and food distribution.

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