Our machines for vacuum packaging help to preserve the freshness of fish products, the bold colour of red meat, and the qualities of vegetables. They are designed, manufactured and marketed by Valko in Bottanuco, in Italy's province of Bergamo.


Vacuum packaging machines


All the plant and equipment produced by Valko for the food and food packaging industry, for caterers, and for small-, medium- and large-scale distributors, use the very latest technologies and can enhance and optimise production at any company.

This feature is inherent in all our products, including:

  • equipment for modified atmosphere packaging;
  • dairy systems and equipment, our heat sealers;
  • manual packaging machines;
  • and knife sterilisers.


The protective action of vacuum packaging


Valko's vacuum packaging machines use a pump guided by an electronic control card, which removes the air from the food containers. This impedes the proliferation of harmful micro-organisms. The containers are then filled with a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide that provide advantages to the product. In fact, food treated in this way has all the hygienic guarantees necessary, retaining its freshness, its original flavour, and aromas that distinguish it for longer.

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