Vacuum packing

The foodstuffs and preservation industry, dairies, and small, medium and large retailers today need plant and special equipment that work better, optimising time and costs by allowing them to store food according to the latest government regulations.


Plant for the food preservation industry


Valko, based in Bottanuco, near Bergamo, Italy, is a company with years of experience, specialising in design, construction and 

sale o:

  • heat sealers;
  • packaging machines;
  • food preservation machinery;
  • vacuum packing machines;
  • plant and equipment for dairies.

The company supplies a wide range of facilities for preservation and equipment for food packaging including bell, bench and trolley vacuum machines; we also sell bags for vacuum packing machines, including manual models, as well as sterilisers for knives, and everything necessary for the operation of food preservation plant.


The practical advantages of our machines


Our products are made with high quality certified components, tested and checked thoroughly before being placed on the market, precisely because Valko wants each of its machines for the food industry to bring a real and actual benefit to the company that uses them. Machines for vacuum packing of foodstuffs allow the optimal preservation of the products from a hygiene, qualitative and freshness perspective. They reduce waste, optimise purchasing, help rationalise work in the kitchen, and allow people to create more varied, tasty and inviting menus, thanks to the constant availability of fresh foodstuffs.

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