Counter-top and trolley heat sealers, manual, modified atmosphere vacuum sealing machines now essential for any food industry, for those selling ready meals, and for large retailers who want to offer their customers foods that are always fresh and inviting.


Alongside the biggest players in the food industry


Valko, based in Bottanuco, near Bergamo, Italy, is the most trusted partner for all those companies seeking technologically advanced machines, with certified quality, optimised workflows and also strictly compliant with all the latest hygiene standards. Valko offers all this, which explains the success of our heat sealers, of our plant and equipment for dairies, our manual packagers, and our knife sterilisers.


Safety, ensuring the integrity and quality of food


The company's main products are our vacuum packing machines, now considered a must for anyone who sells meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheeses and sausages, or any other food where maintaining the integrity of its freshness, flavours, colours, and appearance for as long as possible is crucial. These particular machines remove the air in the bag and insert a well-balanced mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide that fights the proliferation of harmful micro-organisms, prolonging the freshness of the food.

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