Does your dairy need plant and equipment using the latest technologies to best preserve your products and maintain their quality and freshness until they reach their destination? Then look to Valko, in Bottanuco, in Italy's province of Bergamo. For many years, we have seen increasing growth and success selling our plant and equipment for the food and food storage industries.


Plant and equipment for dairies


Our dairy equipment, our heat sealers for food containers, our vacuum packaging machines built from stainless steel, our knife sterilisers, our packaging machines, and all the other equipment now considered indispensable by those working in small, medium or large-scale distribution is the best available thanks to our technical innovations and the quality of the components.


Offers for the dairy sector


Valko's plant and equipment for dairies provide the opportunity to pack cheeses optimally as the vacuum machine's suction pump removes air from the container or bag. The bacteria that could contaminate the product is thus drastically reduced. This, however, is not the only advantage: the maturing of the cheese is considerably slowed, and the food keeps its natural colour, aroma, and flavour for longer, with a considerable hygienic advantage.

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